We use technology to create new ways of traveling

Kiwi.com combines worldwide flights, bus, and train rides into unique itineraries. Our customers find better prices and get to travel more. We book these trips, guarantee the connections, and provide support. And that’s not all. Our mission is to bring door-to-door travel to everyone. We love our jobs, and we’re always seeking the best-possible experience for our customers.

“It all started
with a single trip“


While struggling to book cheap flights for his holiday, Oliver Dlouhý has an idea that could change the way people travel. Along with Jozo Kepesi, they begin to develop their own flight search engine.


Skypicker is founded and development starts on our unique flight combination algorithm.


We acquire WhichAirline, a flight search engine, boosting users and revenue.


We rebrand to Kiwi.com while our rate of growth doubles.


Ground transport content is implemented into the search function and Kiwi.com named the fastest-growing technology company in Central Europe by Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 Central Europe in the Rising Star category.


A strategic partnership with General Atlantic begins.

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We're passionate and fun loving, but we take our roles seriously

We're always thinking of ways to improve ourselves, our environment, and our product. We research, test, evaluate, change, and improve. We challenge the status quo and never stop exploring.

We share our knowledge and the context of our decisions. We believe that constructive, honest feedback is an opportunity to grow and we learn from our failures. At the same time, recognition and appreciation is a major part of our culture. We communicate clearly and often and we listen to each other.

We believe in cooperation over competition. If something doesn't add up, we avoid jumping to conclusions, and we ask. We have our freedom, but it comes with responsibility — you can choose how to work, but we expect you to own it and do your best.


in 2021

1100 core employees


532 partners


66 nationalities


142 dogs


This is how we operate at Kiwi.com

"We’re ever-evolving, testing, innovating, learning and moving on at a fast, rewarding pace. This is how we operate at Kiwi.com."

Jozef Kepési, CTO and Co-founder

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