We build innovative products that put travelers first

At Kiwi.com, we break down barriers to make sure low-cost travel is open and accessible to all. Our powerful search technology creates unique travel options and finds cheap flights that other search engines simply can’t see. 

Our vision is to be a global travel app that makes air travel simple.  We do that by creating innovative products and services that not only make finding travel options easier but also help to remove the frustration and anxiety that comes with travel.

“It all started
with a single trip“


Skypicker is formally registered. The first Virtually Interlined flight is sold: Budapest- Madrid-Lisbon.


Kiwi.com rate of growth doubles.


Skypicker rebrands to Kiwi.com.


Kiwi.com and Amadeus create the largest local flights database in the world.


The first overseas office is opened in Barcelona.


General Atlantic invests in Kiwi.com.


Travel recovery begins following a year of industry crisis due to the COVID-19 pandemic.


Kiwi.com hits an all time record of bookings processed and customers served.

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Join a global business that’s still got a start-up heart. Come and hack the travel market with us.

We're always thinking of ways to improve ourselves, our environment, and our product. We research, test, evaluate, change, and improve. We challenge the status quo and never stop exploring.

We share our knowledge and the context of our decisions. We believe that constructive, honest feedback is an opportunity to grow and we learn from our failures. At the same time, recognition and appreciation is a major part of our culture. We communicate clearly and often and we listen to each other.

We believe in cooperation over competition. If something doesn't add up, we avoid jumping to conclusions, and we ask. We have our freedom, but it comes with responsibility — you can choose how to work, but we expect you to own it and do your best.


in 2023

1500+ employees


6 core office locations


62 nationalities


200+ dogs


This is how we operate at Kiwi.com

"We’re ever-evolving, testing, innovating, learning and moving on at a fast, rewarding pace. This is how we operate at Kiwi.com."

Jozef Kepési, Chief Architect and Co-founder

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