Behind the hiring process with Lenka

Posted on 07/08/2020, Alex

We talked with Lenka, our Recruiter, about your frequently asked questions and how we hire.

How will people know if they are a fit for

That’s a good question! If someone is interested in working for, I would recommend that they research us online as much as possible. Read about our story, our company values and our plans for the future. This will give You a greater insight into who we are as a company. If you like what you read, check which of our openings is right for you.
If you are attracted to a multicultural, dynamic and forward-thinking place of work and you want to make travel better then maybe is the right place for you.


In terms of skills and experience, what are you looking for in candidates?

Obviously it depends on each role. When people apply for a position, I would urge them to read the job advertisement carefully and pay attention to the requirements. If you want me to be specific, we value hard-working team players who are ambitious yet humble and who focus on solutions rather than problems. If the role is customer-facing you must have good soft skills, the ability to learn continuously and empathy. Whatever else you think you can bring, sell it. We believe in the power of diversity since everybody has something to offer so bring your whole self to interviews and work.


I’m curious but not ready for a role in What should I do?

Chase your dream but chase it efficiently. Read about us to understand our teams and know where you could add the most value. Try to understand what experience and skills you’d need to qualify to get into the role and work on that. If you need help with this, reach us. We are always happy to advise people who show motivation and interest in joining us.


How should candidates prepare for a phone interview?

I’ve had plenty of phone interviews where candidates were simply not prepared and feel this part is key to success. Our interviews are scheduled in advance so candidates have sufficient time to prepare. Read the job advert carefully, make notes and gain a good understanding of how your skills and experience relate to the needs for the role. Candidates should always have a good understanding of what they can bring to the role and company. Try to research questions we may ask, have answers ready to what you know about our company and why you want to join us. prepare Above all let your true personality shine through!


How often can an employee take home office? What are the typical working hours?

In general, we’ve always been quite flexible about work from home and treat people responsibly. However, there are some positions where it is currently not an option even though we are working on it and aim at offering the possibility to “Work from Anywhere” one day. As for working hours, it depends on each team but most people have standard office working hours and we work on trying to reduce evening and night shifts to the minimum for customer-facing teams.


Do you have multinational teams in the office?

Absolutely. Most of our teams are multicultural. I believe it brings an immense benefit to our business and the working environment. We are a travel company so the fact that we have over 60 nationalities from around the world certainly helps complement our goal of becoming the world’s first global supercarrier.


Can you tell us what training and development are available to staff? What additional educational opportunities do employees have?

This is a common question that is asked in interviews. It is important for candidates and us. I deal primarily with entry-level positions in the company. There is a big emphasis on education and training with the company. has a large learning and development team that offers a wide range of training and e-learning curriculum to our employees. We also cooperate with external providers and we have coaching and mentoring programs in-house.


Do you have any dress code for some positions?

Nope, You can wear pretty much what you want! Express yourself but don’t offend others of course!


What does success mean at What does it take to grow in

I have only been with for a year but I have already seen plenty of evidence of people’s advancement within the company! I have seen those who work hard excel in their career path at

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