Day Care For Kids From Ukraine

Posted on 21/12/2022, Teodora Stojšin

We started The Day Care Centre in March 2022 to help parents and their children fleeing the war in Ukraine.  From March to September 2022, we had around 60 Ukrainian children enrolled in the Centre as, at that time, the first refugees from Ukraine came to the Czech Republic. We hired a team of teachers and a specialist for psychological support, prepared the school program according to their age, and provided Czech lessons for parents.

During the program, the children visited different attractions, exhibitions, scientific parks, museums, caves, and many educational and sports games and competitions.

From the 1st of September until December 2022, the Kiwi Day Care Centre only operated a kindergarten as all school children went to the Czech schools or returned home. The Day Care is scheduled to close by the end of the year.

“I am happy that we are still in touch with those school-age children who stayed in the Czech Republic. assisted with opening Art lessons in the Centre of Free Time Luzanky for our school children, so they are meeting together, which, I believe, helps them to socialize, make friends and not feel alone in the Czech Republic,” said Natalija Nikitenko, the Head of the Kiwi Kids Group.

Parents of our children are very grateful for all support they had at the Kiwi Day Care Centre.

Lesia from Kyiv, Ukraine, a mother of two, said that the Kiwi kindergarten was the only kindergarten the children asked to attend, even on a day off. 

“Everything was tailored to children. There was an area for games and rest. Children learned to be more independent, quickly adapted, and learned new things. I am infinitely grateful to the educators – Zoya and Anya, who supported and loved the children as their own, and to Natalie for organizing fantastic holidays and entertainment. If made a kindergarten for adults – I would go there,” said Lesia.

Iryna from Nemisaeve, Buchansky region, Ukraine, a mother of three children, where only one was in the Day Care Centre, said it was beautiful to send her kid to such a center. 

“Everything was amazing, not only toys, materials for creativity, mattresses, and tables to the atmosphere created by the Kiwi team, but the educators and the events organized for children: clowns, swimming in the summer, St. Nicholas…I can only say thank you so much!” said Iryna.