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Posted on 24/01/2019, Michaela Hoferová

Through Dočasky you can temporarily adopt a doggie and take care of them until they find a permanent home.

Care are joining forces with Dočasky to help dogs in need

by Jana Brnáková


You love animals.

Especially dogs.

Don’t you? You do! And I bet you’d love them even more if they were yours. Not all of them, you silly, just one or two or three or…

… I know. I know. You’re too busy for a dog. I understand. I had been, too — until I learned about Dočasky.

Through Dočasky you can temporarily adopt a doggie and take care of them until they find a permanent home. The idea driving the charity is that even a temporary home is better than no home at all.

At the moment, is in the process of partnering with Dočasky so more people can get involved in helping these abandoned animals. And since is a dog-friendly office space, no pup will ever have to feel alone again.


In the autumn of 2018, I became the foster mommy of Hanka. She had found temporary refuge with me for about six weeks until she relocated to her new permanent home.

Hanka’s story is one of the sadder ones. As a result of people’s neglect, her eyes had to be surgically removed. She had also almost completely lost her hearing.

In the weeks when she was staying with me, Hanka became quite popular around the office. Seemingly confused, she was wandering the corridors of the 7th floor — no worries, though, she would always find her way around. She was just hunting for food.

Despite all the hardships in her life, Hanka is one of the sweetest dogs I’ve ever encountered. My beginnings with her were hard — ever heard of postpartum depression? — as we were getting used to each other’s rhythms. In the end, though, I could no longer imagine my days without her.

Taking Hanka in was my own choice. At Dočasky you can find a whole range of doggies with or without a handicap. All of them need our help.


However, I’m not the only Kiwi taking care of an animal left in the cold.


Jana & Hanka, Dominika & Alex


Dominika Němčáková often brings her dog Alex to work. Apparently, he has become quite the office favourite. He gets countless cuddles every day and gives a lot of loving in return.

According to Dominika, Alex’s perfect. He might be lazy at times and obsessed with food but hey, what dog isn’t?

Alex has been with Dominika for three years now. He’s found his permanent home with her. And she’s found a true friend in him.


Come find yours. And who knows, you might become the next story.

Visit Dočasky’s site to see the dogs in need of a home and to read more about their work