’s Virtual Global Supercarrier vision wins People’s Choice Award

Posted on 26/11/2019, Alex

World travel experts recognized’s new ambition at The Phocuswright Conference 2019 - by Julia Gumeniuk’s newly announced vision to become a Virtual Global Supercarrier has been well received by travel professionals. Last week, the company won the Launch People’s Choice Award at The Phocuswright Conference 2019 – an event that attracts travel experts from all over the world.

The participants of the competition were experienced companies that have shaped the travel world with groundbreaking innovations. All these businesses are contributing to the travel sector in a similar way to’s Virtual Global Supercarrier which will bring changes to the whole industry.

The new vision of moves the company away from being an online travel agency (OTA), and towards becoming the world’s first Virtual Global Supercarrier. The goal is to help us keep pace with a new way of traveling that switches from planned to on-demand. 


The award was received by’s VP of Growth, Brand & Communications, Raymond Vrijenhoek — Christina Arza

Virtual Global Supercarrier to create a new category in travel distribution impressed the travel industry’s most savvy and engaged audience at The Phocuswright Conference. During his presentation, CEO, Oliver Dlouhý, showed how even established companies can change the travel landscape, introducing the vision of Virtual Global Supercarrier.

By combining all modes of travel — be it flights, trains, buses, ride-hailing services or even city micro-mobility — into a global travel network, is becoming an important distribution channel for all participating carriers.

“As a Virtual Global Supercarrier, is creating a new category in travel distribution, addressing a wide segment of customers whose main objective is to get from one place to another in the most cost-effective and convenient way possible. Being among the cheapest distribution channels for the majority of participating carriers, is bringing our partners a significant number of incremental customers,” says Dlouhý.



“We are happy that the audience appreciated our vision for the future.” 

Being a Virtual Global Supercarrier, will provide a complete travel solution from initial inspiration to the final destination, at any time and no matter where or what the locations are. The audience supported this idea and recognized with the Launch People’s Choice Award.

“We are very happy and proud of winning the People’s Choice award at the 2019 Phocuswright conference. A well-known and prestigious event where the audience has clearly understood and appreciated our vision for the future. It is always a pleasure to be reassured that we are doing a great job, and this gives us the strength to keep innovating and improving,” says Raymond Vrijenhoek, VP of Growth, Brand & Communications, who received the award for