Be curious, bold and resilient

Posted on 01/12/2020, Tales Ebner

Be curious, bold and resilient

The story of our Product Designer, Tales Ebner.


There was the 2020’s version of the World Interaction Design Day — IxDD on 20th of September. This annual event happens all around the world to celebrate the interaction design as the improvement of the human condition. As expected, there was one regional event happening in Brno, thanks to Gabriela Veghová, who works as UX designer, and Honza Pobořil, a developer, both from Asociace UX.

The theme of this year’s World Interaction Design Day was Culture & Sustainability, and people were going to discuss how this topic can have a positive impact through design; how to apply it in UX and make it relevant to every day’s work.

What was my role at the event?

I was supposed to help at the reception desk and collect the entrance fees. Unfortunately, because of the growing COVID-19 cases and hardened rules in the Czech Republic, the event needed to move to an online version only.

Due to this new situation, they needed someone to make the introduction of the event and welcome the lecturers on the stage, as the two persons that would do it were not available.

You imagine what happened, right? They asked me to do it… one day before! Me, that never had done something similar, was asked to be the host in a global event. I am used to lecturing on events and such, but being the host was a new thing to me. A very challenging one… which I accepted.

Me, the host

I was there. Nervous. I didn’t have much time to practice, and I didn’t feel fully prepared. It was not natural to me doing such a thing. Nevertheless, I decided to face my fears, get on the stage… and forgot the name of the event! The one thing I should know for sure! After a few seconds that were like an eternity to me, I recomposed myself and asked Jana Hřebecká, an excellent presentation coach and lead designer, to the stage.

After two more appearances on the stage to introduce the equally great Peter Rod, UX designer, and Petr Pouchlý, business navigator, without significant problems, Honza, (a developer mentioned earlier) asked if I could join a panel with the presenters. Just a parenthesis here, the presentations were excellent, and I strongly recommend them. You can see my slips as well.

Later, I was asked by organisers to join the panel with presenters. Another challenge! Of course, I said yes. But again, it would be my first time doing it. This time, I already had in my mind that everything would be better, because it was a conversation, something that you do with friends, in this case, wiser friends.

Group of people

What were my biggest learnings?

I had an excellent opportunity to talk with all these people and discuss a lot of essential things. As I said during the event, I learned at the university that we, designers, are influencers. We have the power to start the change the world needs. So let’s use it wisely!

Why did I decide to write this story? Opportunities show up. Having luck is part of success, so be prepared (or have courage) for when it knocks on your door. This is what we do in as well, always being prepared for new opportunities. Always aim for the best, but accept good (sometimes even less). It is one of the ways to gain experience and learn new lessons. I had the chance to experience something new and overcome the obstacles, which made me very proud. This is what I want to suggest to all of you: always be curious, bold and resilient. It always pays off!


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