Expecting the Winter All Kiwis Week

Posted on 07/12/2022, Teodora Stojšin

Our core team is spread among many offices in Europe and we allowed everyone to choose how and from where they want to work. Maintaining the culture is extremely important to us, therefore each quarter we make sure to come together during a week called All Kiwis Week. where we celebrate our differences, and our successes, and remind ourselves why we are here.

All Kiwis Week is a week when Kiwis gather from our offices around the world in Brno for planning, strategic decisions, face-to-face meetings, and lots of fun. During this week, we make sure there is enough time for work but also for many activities after working hours for sports events, team building, solving different challenges, competing in many areas, raising money for charity, or simply, for a party!

How does the week impact the cooperation between teams?

As our last All Kiwis Week, this year is around the corner, we asked a couple of our Kiwis traveling to Brno about the main difference between online and offline meetings for them personally, but also how traveling to Brno impacts cooperation among their teams.

It boosts personal approach, and efficiency and brings great inspiration

Katka, Community Ops Team Lead who travels from Ostrava, the Czech Republic

All Kiwis Week makes a huge difference because of the ability to hug people! It is just much better to be in one physical space together, be able to read the full body language of all participants, and share the moment fully together. Online meetings feel more tiring but provide simpler and quicker cooperation sometimes, though.

We always plan all sorts of activities around the week, from strategic meetings to team building –  we try to use this time to maximum efficiency. It provides us with an opportunity to do all the stuff that would be uncomfortable through zoom. Meeting people from all our offices brings more diversity to the space and is a great source of inspiration and feedback for our team.

Building and strengthening relationships offline

Furbo, Head of QA & Bratislava Site Lead

Building and maintaining strong relationships with people from our tribe is crucial. Coming to Brno on a regular basis allows me to get in touch with people in person. I prefer to go for a walk, have coffee, or just chat with them somewhere other than a meeting room. Visiting Brno during All Kiwis Week is very refreshing and a great occasion to feel the authentic atmosphere of the company. It also increases a sense of belonging.  

They say that 7% of information is gleaned from words, whereas 93% of information is nonverbal. The nonverbal component includes body language which is 55% and tone of voice 38%. During online meetings, nonverbal communication is often missing so the brain needs to think it out. This might be a bit exhausting after multiple meetings a day. On the other hand, online meetings are a great way to quickly get in touch with people from different locations. 

What are Kiwis looking forward to the most about All Kiwis Week?

The highlight of the week will be our costumed Winter party. Kiwis shared what they are looking forward to the most. 

Learning about different cultures

Carolyn, Sustainability Manager, traveling from the London office

I think we’re so lucky to be able to work virtually with everyone from wherever we are, but at the same time, I think it’s great to spend in-person time with people from all locations and I like to learn more about how we work in the different locations and cultures. I think having time to speak of our interests and backgrounds over lunch or after work and getting to know each other helps us work better together. Secretly, I also look forward to the hugs!

I enjoy Czech food, meeting more of my colleagues and trying to say everyone’s name correctly. There’s a real sense of community and friendship during these weeks so I expect to make more Kiwi friends.

What kind of costume did you pack for the trip to Brno?

I have two costume ideas and have to decide which is simplest to pack but I can say they both travel back in time rather than forward. Although they are completely different, they’re both from the same decade but I think people will only be able to guess that decade from one of them. I hope that makes you curious!

Spending time with colleagues in person

Natália, Search & Account QA Lead, traveling from the Bratislava office

I really appreciate these broad company events because I have the opportunity to meet my colleagues from Barcelona, Split, Prague or London and spend some time together, not only as colleagues, but also as friends. The great thing about these events is that they know how to make our daily work routine special. This year it will be a Winter market, shared breakfast and Winter ball. From my point of view, it’s not just about bringing joy to our stay in Brno, but also about getting to know new colleagues and strengthening relationships

I expect to have more effective work thanks to face-to-face meetings, strengthening relationships but also fun.

What kind of costume did you pack for the trip to Brno?

I decided to transform into the skin of a Viking woman! For me, it embodies female strength and courage. I made sure that each piece of the costume fit the period of the era, from the Viking drinking horn to the costume jewelry.

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