How our own travel experience can help our customers

Posted on 27/01/2021, Ana Rita Costa

How our own travel experience can help our customers

The story of our B2B Support Specialist, Ana Rita Costa


Throughout my entire life, I have always travelled, however, my first time on a plane was after I had turned 18 years old. I had been invited by a friend to travel to London and, unlike many of my previous trips, I was going solo. I was completely devoid of the people who would usually guide me through these situations. I should probably mention, I am someone who struggles while navigating big cities. I had no experience with airports up until this point and the fact that I was travelling to a different airport than my friends, only made things more stressful.

Sweat and tears

I can still see myself running like the sky was about to fall on my head through the airport, scared and confused. Being the last person to board the plane, I caught the flight by the skin of my teeth. I had no idea what I would or could do if I hadn’t caught the plane. I was very stressed and had a million thoughts racing through my mind. I was a student and my money was tight. I would probably have to sleep at the airport and wait patiently for the next available flight, which wasn’t until the next day. How would I have explained it to my parents, who were taking the day off to pick me up! Luckily it all ended well and it was a learning experience, but it’s something I do not wish upon anyone and it has affected my work philosophy.

I know how our passengers feel

While I cannot ignore the rules set in place when one buys a ticket to travel, what I can do is use those rules in our passengers’ favour. Perhaps to many people there may be no relatability between me being late for a plane and a passenger having their flights cancelled. I would argue that the feelings I’ve experienced and the anxiety is very similar indeed. You are stuck in a place that is unfamiliar, you are unsure how to navigate tricky travel rules, your plans are in question, you feel a bit helpless. You have places to be and people to see. How are you going to explain to everyone that you are not going to be there because the plane hasn’t departed?

This is where my experience actually becomes useful. By being able to relate to the situation, I know how to show empathy to our customers.I know what to say and what to do because I know exactly what kind of panic someone feels in that situation. My job is not only to help our customers find another flight but to make sure they are safe. Nothing makes me more satisfied than when I manage to help people and calm them down. Nobody likes more to help than someone who knows exactly how it feels to be lost in the middle of an unknown country with no way to go back.


If you understand what situations can travelers experience on the airport and you would like to be helpful as Ana, join our team and support all travelers around the world.