Humans of #1 – Ken

Posted on 20/12/2018, Michaela Hoferová

Welcome to episode no. 1 of 'Humans of'. Created and written by Giorgia, the project is inspired by the popular 'Humans of New York' photoblog and a revisited version of the Proust Questionnaire.

Welcome to episode no. 1 of ‘Humans of’. Created and written by Giorgia, the project is inspired by the popular ‘Humans of New York’ photoblog and a revisited version of the Proust Questionnaire. In a 20-question interview we will get to know some of our fellow Kiwis, and learn more about their travel adventures.

The first interview is with our English Trainer Ken, who joined in September 2016, and has shared a handful of fun facts and interesting stories about himself and his travels. Enjoy!


What is your current state of mind?

[Silence] This week has been a very busy week, so my mind’s a little bit up in the air. However, I’m looking forward to seeing my nephew next week in Ireland, and that’s getting me through this week.


When did you join and what brought you here?

I joined approximately two and a half years ago, and what brought me here and kept me here was and is the people.


Name one thing you like or love about your position

It’s a cliché, but I meet so many interesting, clever, young, vibrant, amazing people every day, and for me, is all about the people.


Name one thing you dislike or struggle with in terms of your position

I honestly can’t think of anything right now. Sometimes I find it difficult to say no to people, so I get pulled into a lot of different things, and I have quite a lot on my plate, but at the end of the day I still love it.

“Sometimes I find it difficult to say no to people, so I get pulled into a lot of different things, and I have quite a lot on my plate, but at the end of the day I still love it.”
What department or position at would you apply to if you weren’t in your current role?

Woow, that’s a good question. There are so many interesting positions in the company. However, I think my role would have to be with people, so a job that revolves around meeting and communicating with people. It has to be something connected with that, I can’t think of a specific role, but it definitely has to be a people role.


What did you want to be as a child?

As a child and as a teenager I wanted to be an archaeologist. I’ve always had a very keen interest in history and archaeology, and I still do.


I say travel, you say…? Three things maximum

Making plans, new experiences, and good memories.


What is your ideal means of transport when you travel and why?

I really enjoy the train, because I can read my book, look out the window or order a beer.


What is one thing you love and one thing you hate about your own country and why?

I love so much about my country, I’m patriotic. Okay, I love the laid back, relaxed attitude of Irish people and their humour: they have a great sense of humour, they’re great storytellers. What I don’t like is definitely the rain. It rains 364 days a year, so you have to be there the one day that it doesn’t rain… And it should be a public holiday!

Ken has been an in-house English Trainer in for two years already.


Name one place (city or country) you’ve visited which blew your mind

Oh God, so many. [Thinks about it] New Zealand, and in particular a place called Wanaka Lake. It’s on the South Island and its beauty is just indescribable, truly stunning. They say that the best things in life are free, and they certainly are in New Zealand. It’s a spectacular country with amazing people.


Name one place you haven’t visited (city or country), which you believe, expect or know will blow your mind when you go there

Iceland. I’ve been threatening to go to Iceland for so long, and it still hasn’t happened. Before I die I have to experience Iceland.


What trip or travel have you loved?

[Thinks about it] I really enjoyed Morocco, surfing there and discovering Paradise Valley. That was incredible, and the food in Morocco was outstanding. It’s a really cool place: the desert, the ocean, very nice cities, and the mountains. And I met amazing people there. It was a very unexpected surprise.


What is one thing you couldn’t leave out of your luggage when you travel?

A good book.


You have to pack up: trolley, suitcase or backpack?

[Thinks about it] I can do a backpack.


What travel incident will you never forget?

We were in Fiji, on an island called Mana Island, and I was doing my scuba diving licence. I was with the instructor, and we went scuba diving by boat to a famous local diving spot called The Supermarket. We were going out into the open sea, and I noticed a very large object moving below me. I subsequently found out that it was a tiger shark. On the same trip in Fiji my accommodation burnt to the ground, and I lost everything: my diary, photos from a year and a half travelling – everything except my swimming shorts (I was out in the water at the time) and my passport. I will never forget that. I’m just happy that no one was hurt or killed, because it was a very serious fire.


What is your favourite sport?

Well, my favourite sport at the moment is rugby, because Ireland are number one in the world, and we beat the All Blacks. Definitely rugby.


What is your favourite bar game?

I had a misspent youth playing pool, so it would definitely be pool. I spent too much time playing it when I should’ve been in school.


What is your signature drink?

Well, I’m an Irishman, so it has to be a Guinness and a whiskey chaser.


Where is your favourite place in Brno?

Oh, I have one I really like, I just don’t remember its name. It’s like a lookout tower, and you can see all over Brno… Babí Lom! I love that place, it’s so pretty, the forest and everything. Yeah, that’s the one.


What’s your favourite question from this questionnaire?

[Laughs] The one about the signature drink!