“I am inspired by large community of developers surrounding me” 

Posted on 25/08/2021, Riley Mihm

Interview with Antonio Djigo, a Kiwi.com Software Engineer

Antonio Djigo is a Kiwi.com software engineer who lives in the Canary Islands of Spain. He enjoys developing new software with his team, traveling, and engaging himself in the culture of the Canary Islands. Antonio states that his team with Kiwi.com inspires him in his work. Read the article below to get to know more about the life of a Kiwi.com engineer. 

What drew you to the engineering field? Have you always had a passion for software? 

My passion for technology started when I was fairly young, about 16 so. I was taking computer classes in grade school and really enjoyed them. 

What is your favorite thing about working for Kiwi.com in comparison to other companies you have worked for? 

I would say that I very much enjoy the freedom I am given to work at my own pace and take my time on certain projects. Everything is going very smoothly right now, I communicate with my team as needed and get to work remotely which has been very nice. I work with a team of 5, we have meetings every week. I enjoy both working alone and working with a team, I do not have a preference for either option. 

What hobbies do you enjoy aside from working as a software engineer? What are you passionate about besides technology? 

Outside of work, I really enjoy music and traveling. I could not do much of this past year due to Covid, and I really miss it. Besides that, I like to explore the city and get dinner around the area. My favorite place I have ever visited would have to be Iceland, I road-tripped around there for a week, and also maybe Australia!

Describe a normal week’s project plans. 

Normally we have meetings where we all speak about what we are reviewing and discuss everyone’s progress on the current project. We have about 2-3 of these meetings per week. Then at the end of the week, we meet to discuss next week’s plans and determine what next week’s main priorities should be. 

How do you keep your technology skills up to date? Do you follow current software trends? 

I like to keep up with technology trends by using social media. Usually, I have two different accounts, one personal account, and one technology account. My technology account is full of new articles explaining new kinds of software and basic trends I should educate myself about. I enjoy both writing and reading technology-based articles. Another way I keep up with the trends is by discussing them with my colleagues, we often exchange knowledge with each other. 

Have you attended any code.kiwi.com virtual or face-to-face events? If not, would you like to? 

Sadly I have not, because of Covid-19, but I think they are awesome and I would love to assist or participate in a code.kiwi.com event in the near future, whether it be online or in person. 

What is your proudest achievement in your career as a software engineer? 

I have done many things that I am very proud of. But, honestly, my proudest achievement is that I have made it to where I am now. I am thankful to be working for a successful company like Kiwi.com. Being able to see myself evolve and constantly getting better at what I do definitely makes me feel successful. 

How often do you communicate with your Kiwi.com coworkers and head management? 

I am based in Spain, but a lot of my other colleagues work from the Czech Republic. The distance doesn’t present any problems with communication because we use zoom meetings, phone calls, email, and instant messaging applications like Slack to effectively communicate. 

What personal attributes are important to have in a position like yours? 

I would say the biggest trait is being able to communicate effectively with your co-workers. Also, the ability to work in a team is huge in a position like mine. Besides those people skills, it is also very important that we stay very organized, clean, and prioritize our tasks in a meaningful order. Overall, being a great communicator and staying organized is vital in my work.

Who or what inspires you? 

I am often inspired by people from the internet that are developers or in the tech community. Whether it is people in my community or surroundings or people from the internet, I like to watch people grow and develop new ideas and I find that very inspiring.

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