Marcy and Betka answered some of your most FAQs on how we hire.

Posted on 07/08/2020, Michaela Hoferová

Marcy and Betka are our Recruitment Leads and since they have interviewed hundreds of candidates, they are the best people to answer the most frequently asked questions.

How do people know if they are a fit for 

There is certainly no ‘one fit’ at We are a diverse, passionate and hardworking bunch of individuals. We are always on the lookout for curious and creative individuals who enjoy a challenge and are passionate about the travel industry. Regardless of whether you’re an introvert or an extrovert, we warmly embrace motivated people who want to work on themselves and help make travel better. 

In terms of skills and experience, what are you looking for in candidates? 

Usually, what is important for us are the hard skills related to the position although soft skills are vital for us too. Sometimes, if the candidate is really impressive from a soft skills point of view and is clearly a great fit for our company, we are able to make an exception regarding some of the hard skills requirements.

I’m curious about the role, but not ready to jump into this position at What should I do? 

My advice would be to work on yourself and get involved in some work-related projects. I would suggest joining our community by attending some events and meetups we have in Brno, Prague, Bratislava and elsewhere. You can also reach out to someone from, build relationships with people in the area of work you want to do and hopefully you will be ready to join the market and also us. In general, our guys are very approachable and are happy to advise. 

How should candidates prepare for a phone interview? 

Phone interviews are scheduled in advance to ensure you have sufficient time set aside for it. Some interviews can take 20 min while others can last 40 min, depending on the candidate’s experience. There are no guidelines for preparation. The most important thing is to be open, honest and transparent.

How often can an employee take home office? What are the typical working hours? 

We are very flexible with our home office! For us, it is not necessary that an employee is sitting at his/her desk for 8 hours a day. What is important is the result of their work. If the person is responsible and fulfills their work obligations then where they do this is not really an issue.

Do you have multinational teams in the office? 

Yes, definitely. We have more than 66 nationalities working at Our UX design team for example has people from America, Estonia, The Netherlands, Zimbabwe, Brazil, Latvia and Malaysia… This diversity is very important to as it brings fresh ideas and new perspectives.

Can you tell us what training and development opportunities are available to people in 

We have a dedicated Learning and Development team who offer expert training and a wide variety of courses for all our employees. We put a lot of emphasis on education and upskilling at As an employee, if you discover an interesting course that you  feel would be of benefit, you can discuss it with your supervisor and attend. Our employees travel around the world to attend courses and conferences. We like having curious people that constantly work on self-development and are curious about learning new stuff.

Do you have any dress code for some positions? 

No, there is no dress code at Our staff are free to wear what is comfortable to them. Of course, if you are speaking at a conference or meeting clients it would be a good idea to dress appropriately! 

What does success mean at

I think anyone who is serious about self-development and improvement has unlimited opportunities to grow in We take the growth and career development of our employees very seriously. Similar to our customers, we help our employees to plan a route of where they want to go and then we try to achieve this goal together.