Kiwis of the Quarter: Talking to the Winners

Posted on 10/03/2022, Teodora Stojšin

At we like to recognize our colleagues for their hard work, their inspirational actions and sometimes for just being a standout team member. We do this through our Kiwi of the Quarter program, and it’s all based around our core values:

  • Assume the best of others and believe in the power of the team
  • Be open and involve others
  • Be curious and always look for opportunities

Employees are voted for by their peers and management and their commitment and inspiring behavior is acknowledged and celebrated across the business.  As well as the personal thanks and recognition they also get to enjoy prizes in the form of travel vouchers.

We’ve asked our winners to tell us more about their projects, achievements and anything else they want to share.

Sena Adevor, B2B Support Specialist

Following a move from the Customer Support department into the B2B team, Sena was recognised for embracing her new role with passion and commitment and using the experience gained from her 7 years at to work on advanced tasks and complicated cases from the outset.    

“I am really proud of how far I’ve been able to reach in this company. I started as a part-timer then moved to a full-time job and now finally working in a B2B team. Of course, this is not the end for me and there is more growth to come. Kiwi is a multinational company with diverse people, therefore tolerance and patience are the two most important lessons I have learnt from my years at It has helped me accept and understand the views and opinions of others and I believe this can reduce stress and conflict and lead to better working relationships.

I am humbled and elated and it’s an even greater honor to be placed in such distinguished ranks. I am grateful to everyone who took time out of their busy schedules to vote for me, and this means a lot to me because my hard work has gained recognition. 

Where will I use my traveling budget? Hmm, curiosity killed the cat. Just kidding, I’ve been wanting to go to Paris for some time now so I think this is a great opportunity! 

Tomáš (Bob) Steklý, Software Integration Lead

Tomáš (Bob) was recognised for being a trusted expert on multiple domains. He has end-to-end responsibility for various automation and improvement projects and he always brings the motivation to the team he leads. Bob has an inspirational mindset and he is always available to support colleagues. 

“One of my responsibilities is to take care of our internal tools. I have lots of friends in our company and if my friends (colleagues) are satisfied with the changes I bring in, that’s an achievement for me. I’m enjoying my job and I never woke up with the feeling that I don’t want to go to work, which makes me very proud. I learned lots of lessons along the way therefore being nominated and on top of it being recognized, it means that I’m doing a good job!

I’m giving 120% to my job, and I’m happy it’s being recognized. I won second place, which usually means that I have to work harder…or that I probably have to find more friends who will vote for me. I will use the travel voucher to travel somewhere with my grandmother. She loves Italy and wine, but I like wild South Asia so I’m pretty sure that we will have some heavy discussions before we decide on a destination. And if you are curious where we went, you can follow me on social media!”

Kamil Vávra, Application Security Engineer

Kamil is responsible for keeping our company and customers safe. He was recognised for being able to scan all our services for the Log4j vulnerability, a vulnerability that allows attackers to execute code remotely on any targeted computer. While the whole internet has been going “crazy” about it, Kamil ensured every point across was safe and secure.

“It is a tough battle to fight, as the cyber security field is constantly changing every day. When we first saw chatters about the Log4j (CVE-2021-44228) vulnerability, it was clear that the clock was ticking. At the end, we were well prepared and fixed it all. It might sound like a cliche, but I learned that the only way to succeed in the Application Security field is to research and improve your skill set constantly. I love challenges, so this is something that I enjoy and also, is a great place to work, mainly because we have a lot of smart people willing to help at any time. 

I’m glad for the nomination and grateful that other Kiwis gave me their vote. It shows that people understand what we are doing for them, and at the same time, they are happy to have us around. I really wasn’t expecting to win the nomination and I’m not sure where I will go with my travel vouchers, but since I love Budapest, I’m thinking about going there again. Also, Amsterdam sounds like a good plan!” 

Feeling inspired? Don’t forget that success doesn’t come that easy. As someone once said: Successful people do what unsuccessful people are not willing to do. Don’t wish it were easier; wish you were better.

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