Love Your Pet Day – we certainly love ours!

Posted on 19/02/2021, Veronika Fialová

Love Your Pet Day – we certainly love ours!


Love Your Pet Day is widely celebrated in the United States on 20 February, and we don’t need much of an excuse to celebrate how important pets are to us in our office too. Animals have that wonderful ability to provide unconditional love. They make our home more welcoming and offer companionship to us when we really need it.

Did you know that most households in the United States and Europe have at least one pet? Mostly dogs and cats, but there are quite a few people out there who prefer the companionship of birds, reptiles, hamsters, fish and even alpacas! Here at, we are very proud of our dog-friendly office. We love sharing our workspace with our furry friends. They bring us joy, comfort and laughter, and yes from time-to-time, a little mess too! That’s why our Facilities team have created a penalty system for our dogs so their (mis)behaviour is monitored and our workspace is fully enjoyable for everyone. And it seems to work well, there are now 156 pooches registered at the Brno office!

What do pets mean to us?


Team Coordinator Dorota Žigová and her cat Roger 

Roger is the cutest, most elegant, most annoying friend I have. He makes the place I live at “home”.


Senior Executive Assistant, Tereza Hocova and her dog Cookie

Being woken up by a high jump (that could easily compete in the Olympics) and a happy yawning face running around – I don’t need an alarm clock anymore. (ARE YOU AWAKE? WHY AREN’T YOU AWAKE? IT’S A NEW DAY! IT’S TODAY!). I’m also having a welcome-home party several times a day…. Basically every time I return from the bathroom!


Recruitment Operations Specialist, Michaela Höferová and her dog Wolfie

My furry soulmate, cuteness overload, the best friend for trips in the mountains or for a lazy day on the couch. When I adopted her 2 years ago her name was Wolfie – the happiness. The name fits perfectly as she brings happiness to people around her every day of her life.

Traveling with pets

As we’re a travel company, we certainly understand how traveling with pets can be challenging for our customers. One of the longest trips (with a dog called Argus) was from Colombia to the Czech Republic. The trip was over 10 000 kilometers. His owner, our Content Operations Manager, Catalina Lalle,  shared their story.

“It was an 18 hours flight and I didn’t put him under anesthesia as it was too risky for his age. The vet recommended letting him witness the entire trip so he would know what was happening and would hopefully adapt faster. Waking up mid-flight in a container could even cause a dog to have a heart attack. When I picked him up in Madrid during our layover, I can safely say he was really mad with me.I recommend to anyone, before taking a trip with a dog, to take a 30-min walk with the dog so they can “do their things outside”. On board, I only took water for him, and I put the muzzle on him. After the traumatic long-haul flight, he hates staying in the container” said Catalina.

What can you do to make Love your Pet Day even more special? Take them for a special walk, buy them their favourite food or a new toy, check that their inoculations are up-to-date. Above all, spend some quality time with the animal you love.

Do you know the rules about traveling with pets?

Feel free to check them out on our T&C page.

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