Mentoring Program at a Great Sense of Purpose and Meaning

Posted on 05/07/2022, Ana Manso

Mentoring program at a great sense of purpose and meaning

The story of our coach and trainer Ana Manso

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It all started in an Individual Development Plan (IDP) meeting. My colleague mentioned how it would be great to have a mentor to learn from, but she didn’t really know who to reach out to or how to choose someone. This was when I thought “Oh wow, Mentoring could be a great program to have in here!” Since our environment in is known for being open to opportunities, trying and building quickly anything that we consider can bring value, I knew this could be arranged. And so it was! I started building the program for our employees.

What is the Mentoring program about?

In a company with thousands of employees all over the world it may be hard to figure out who’s the right person that will bring you the most value. This is where the Mentoring Program plays a key role. We match Kiwis that want to develop skills with more experienced colleagues who are willing to share their experience, support and guide them in areas they choose.

Twice per year, we open applications for roles of both mentors and mentees and after verifying, we suggest a match based on their application (goals, expectations, expertise and personal traits). After 3 cycles (each lasting 6 months), we are seeing results in terms of cross-team cooperation, supporting feedback culture, decision making and leadership development.

Some of our previous mentees are now mentors. And they are great at it!

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We support both mentors and mentees throughout the entire cycle with individual consultation, workshops, online learning materials and guild meetings where they have the opportunity to gather together and share their experiences, challenges and successes. I am proud to say that some of our previous mentees are now mentors, and they are great at it!

On a personal note, this program allowed me, as program coordinator, to meet and foster relationships with colleagues who are not only amazing at what they do, but who care deeply about our company and the growth of other Kiwis, regardless of the area of the business they are from.

The contribution to growth that fulfils the most

One of our great and supportive colleagues is Helena Torres, our Senior Global Partnerships Manager, who has been a mentor since the first company wide cycle. She told us that participating in the Kiwi Mentoring Program has been a wonderful experience for her and she strongly recommends it to everyone.

I met wonderful people with whom I learned a lot about different departments and cultures and especially different points of view. Doing so, helped me grow as a professional, foster closer links with other departments, even to be more involved in company side-projects, which fill me with joy and a sense of belonging and community. Being able to somehow support someone else´s goal also gives me a great sense of purpose and meaning. I am very grateful to have the opportunity to participate!” said Helena.

And that is the main function of the Mentoring program. It was an honour for me to develop it, to work with colleagues from all our departments and sites and all levels of seniority, from C-level to junior contributors; and to support their professional growth. This contribution to growth fulfils me the most, and I can’t imagine anything else I’d rather be doing!


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