My Kiwi story: Lenny McCullie

Posted on 30/09/2020, Teodora Stojšin

Welcome to My Kiwi story! This is the second in an ongoing series about our dedicated employees and their lives at

On this occasion, we met with our VP of Vendor Management, Lenny McCullie and talked about his experience before and within 


Hi Lenny, can you tell us more about your previous experience and your journey to

I grew up in Scotland but I have lived in many places. I was working for EasyJet in Poland, I worked for Expedia in Sweden and Denmark. In addition to these, I also worked all over India for the past 15 years as a vendor manager or consultant. This has given me a broad exposure to different cultures. These days, I am responsible for setting up and maintaining new vendor Customer Service sites around the world for That means that I’m responsible for the very first discussions through to potential site visits, contract negotiations and ultimately to setting up the daily operations. The role involves lots of international travel and plenty of long days, whilst at the same time testing the product and services. It might sound overwhelming but it’s not – I love it!


Can you tell us what inspires you to come to our office and do your best, every single day?

I enjoy the collaborative approach and the ability to be creative. This is the most transparent organisation that I have ever worked with. If people make an error they admit it, and learn from it. It’s a safe place for all of us. It’s definitely an environment that motivates people to strive to achieve their full potential and grow as much as they want. This kind of approach is very inspiring for all of us.

“This is the most transparent organisation that I have ever worked with”


What do you love the most about

The culture is amazing. It is wonderful to work with so many smart people from very diverse cultures, demographics and backgrounds. Coming from a corporate background, to work as a ‘Kiwi’ is so refreshing, even after 3 years of doing it! Our goal is to be the world’s first Virtual Global Supercarrier, connecting every possible mode of travel door to door, from flights, trains, buses, taxis, airport transfers etc. We are constantly adding new partners and carriers!

To achieve this goal, we need various skills and experience across every department from product development, engineering, business development to Customer Support and Social Media. It’s a great example of how with the right culture you can succeed. So many teams need to interact and collaborate to make the smallest of changes from a customer perspective and this requires lots of coordination between departments.