“Working here makes me feel fresh, joyful and in flow”

Posted on 05/01/2022, Teodora Stojšin

An interview with Barbora Uhrová, our Receptionist in the Brno office 

Barbora (Bara) works at Kiwi.com as a Receptionist and she chose this role because she likes to interact with people on a daily basis. She used to dance, but she shifted to yoga when she wanted to find something a little bit more meaningful than having just a regular workout. Today she is giving yoga classes either before work or after work, available to all Kiwis in Brno.

“I have naturally really positive thinking and I love to spread this good energy in the office. My main purpose is to help our employees with their day-to-day needs in the office, so they can feel happy and comfortable,” said Bara.

Hi Bara, tell us a bit more about your role at Kiwi.com.

My job involves taking care of all the practical, operational things, as well as special events for our employees. Mainly looking after them and their comfort through their requests (whenever something is not working as intended – or at all – or whenever they miss something they’d need for better working conditions – from gym equipment, through water supply, to special, individual needs). Big part of my job is also taking care of accommodation for the new employees coming from abroad, so they are warmly welcomed, while they settle themselves in Brno and of course everyday operational tasks like the post management, arranging external clients meetings, giving access to building, etc.
What I like most about it is that this work is very variable. Every day I do something a little different and thus also develop my critical thinking. And when everything that needs to be done is done, then there is also room to come up with and organize your own ideas, such as organizing workshops that others might be interested in.

What do you think are the biggest benefits of joining the Kiwi.com team?

What really stood out for me when I first visited Kiwi.com offices was all the people and the atmosphere they made. It made me feel fresh, joyful and in flow. I like that everyone here is more casual, so you feel more in the company of friends than in an old school business, where you have to follow some formal standards. I believe you can be happy almost anywhere as long as there is a good group of people and that is something that Kiwi.com has. Since this is my first time working in a bigger company, I am really glad that I chose Kiwi.com, because I couldn’t have chosen a better environment. Something is always happening here, you meet interesting people and get to experience new things.

You started at Kiwi.com 4 months ago. Would you mind sharing your career journey with us?

I have been at Kiwi.com for not that long, but I already feel like I am part of the team after this short period of time. I definitely plan to stay and evolve in my journey here, but I can’t tell right now where it will take me. I would love to stay and collaborate with the Facilities team and help them create the space, events and atmosphere that everybody loves. I like that I can see the result of my work immediately when our employees are in a good mood and with a smile on their faces.

In Kiwi.com you are known also for your love of yoga and your regular classes to Kiwis. Can you tell us more about how it all started and why yoga?

Movement of any kind was in my life from a very young age. Although it started just as a physical exercise, it quickly evolved into a whole lifestyle. It taught me to be more aware, calm and appreciative of everything around me. It is something that is gonna stay with me for my whole life because it gives me a unique view of the world and some kind of life’s purpose. 

What are some of the biggest benefits that yoga brought to your life? 

Before I started yoga, my life was kind of chaotic. I was bouncing from one thing to another and without any clear path in my head. Yoga made me more centered and balanced. Of course I also feel really good in my body, but the main benefits are the changes in mind. It gave me new perspectives on life, gratitude towards life itself and it gave me a more fulfilling direction. My priorities have also changed, giving me a better approach to life. I’m not worried so much and I’m enjoying what I have now.

What are you teaching Kiwis through yoga?

As someone who is naturally being more in the present moment, I can see that it is not that easy for everyone. People tend to overwhelm themselves with work, thoughts, addictions, etc. and usually can’t see the bad impact it has on their life and health, especially mental health. They get stressed and upset easily and they are constantly nervous and impatient.

In my lessons, I am trying to shift their focus from these outside distractions and I encourage them to be in the present. What does that mean? Focusing on your inner self, your body, mind and breath through which we can slowly open doors to a more balanced life. I try to teach my clients not to react impulsively to external circumstances, but to take a step back, look inwards and respond with a more clear and calm mind. 

Did you ever think of leaving everything related to your office work and making a living only with yoga teaching?

I like to keep myself busy, of course in a healthy and balanced way, and I am always up to trying new things in life. Not only regarding my hobbies but also work. Right now I am really happy where I am and I plan to learn and develop my skills here at Kiwi.com because I believe it has a lot to offer. Along with working in Kiwi.com, I also teach yoga in yoga studios in Brno and I would love to continue evolving in that. From a longer perspective, that means I would love to open my own yoga studio where people would love to spend their time and we all could share our beautiful energies.

The last question, what is the one thing you can’t imagine your day without? Apart from water, food, sleep…:)

I can’t imagine my day without laughing. A good laugh can clear your head and shift your mind into a more positive way of thinking. It brings you to the present moment, not worrying about nonsense that your mind tends to create!

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