Get to know: Prague office

Posted on 02/02/2021, Teodora Stojšin

Get to know: Prague office

The office in Prague is situated in the heart of the Karlin district; an area known for its young, ambitious and innovative companies where plays an important role in this image. Karlin is known as “the technology hub” area.  It is also popular for the fine selection of various authentic cuisines providing delicious lunch varieties for all living and working in the area.

The Prague office is like a small startup in an international company. To me, the most important thing, besides the great food selection around the office (laugh) is having meaningful work. The product I’m working on is used by millions of users and on top of it, I’m working on it in such a flexible environment, surrounded by nice, smart and motivated colleagues.” said our Senior UX Researcher, Jan Balata.


The diversity of Prague office prague office

As mentioned in the interview with the Site lead in the Prague office, Jakub Wolf, the focus of the Prague office is to build a Virtual Global Supercarrier. The office in Prague was established in 2017 and today has 36 people working there. In the Prague office we are:

  • Focusing on our unique search and offering it to our customers on the website and in mobile app, carried out by Backend, Frontend, and UI/UX teams.
  • Offering, order management, and automation of additional services such as baggage, seating, or insurance are supported by Ancillaries teams who have a big presence in the Prague office.
  • Creating a robust customer service management system which is developed by the frontend and backend team in Prague.
  • Supporting the customer-facing teams while working in Platform teams. The focus in Prague is on infrastructure and software. allows for moving between cities and countries where our core offices are, the Prague office becomes very vibrant and some people move for a while from other locations to Prague and still work the same job. This is how there are people from different teams working from the Prague office at the moment, such as Facilities, PR, Community, Internal Communications and similar.


Get to know more about concrete projects and technologies

Did you know that our office in Prague was in charge of migrating our infrastructure from AWS to Google Cloud and Kubernetes? Prague has a mixture of all’s engineering teams which means you can meet there the entire engineering stack such as GraphQL, Postgresql, Golang, Python, React, Kubernetes. Check us out on Github for access to, for example, Orbit or the Zoo which are quite well documented.


When we say, our colleagues from Prague think…

Freedom and trust. Flexibility in the way you do your work. Friendly, inspiring and smart-working colleagues. Strong culture and atmosphere. Unlimited home office. Professional growth and experiences. Technological excellence. Challenging and purposeful work. Senior people to learn from and a dog named Milo!

Everyone works in a different team, but this doesn’t stop Kiwis from building a great team spirit. People in Prague socialize in various ways, they share lunches together, go out for drinks, have team buildings or simply gather and chat around a coffee machine which is strategically located in the centre of the office. This is also a way to hear what other teams are working on and what are their priorities.

I like closed rooms in the office where I can focus on my work. We are cracking some of the most difficult engineering issues in the travel industry. We do have some product and tech debts, but the quality of features we release is paramount! To achieve that, the company gives us an unprecedented measure of freedom and responsibility. is a strongly agile company with transparent communication where teams are capable to self-organize quickly and decisions are made almost overnight.”, said our Senior Android Developer, Jakub Doležal.

Are you interested in open positions in the Prague office?

Milo the dog

We’re currently searching for people who can bring leadership and knowledge to the office. Check the open positions for Python Engineer for Ancillaries tribe, Python Engineer for Finance tribe and Javascript engineer for Search tribe.

Visit our Prague office page for more jobs and details.