“We can work pretty much on everything from the Bratislava office”

Posted on 02/11/2020, Teodora Stojšin

The lead of our Bratislava office, Tomáš Majer joined our company at the end of 2018. As he told us, joining Kiwi.com has been a really nice ride for him, mainly because of the atmosphere and people.

We talked with Tomáš about the development of the Bratislava office, biggest challenges, the culture of the Bratislava office and more.


What inspired you to join Kiwi.com?

The first thing that attracted me was people as everyone who I met was really special – from both technical and personal point of view. In Kiwi.com you find truly world-class leaders in particular technologies. The second thing that attracted me was the product. To see how Kiwi.com changed and is still changing the whole travel industry is really amazing. There might be some technical bottlenecks but this is the fun part of being in Kiwi.com, you can work on things with huge impact.


What is the history of the Bratislava office and what is the situation now?

When I joined, Kiwi.com didn’t have an official office, and in May 2019 we changed it to a regular Kiwi.com office. We moved again afterwards and right now we are almost 30 engineers here. The main focus for the Bratislava office is the engineering part, from Frontend to Backend including Infrastructure engineers, Analysts and Data engineers. It’s technically quite diverse and we can work pretty much on everything in Kiwi.com from the Bratislava office.

How Kiwi.com helped you grow and mature on both a personal and professional level?

Kiwi.com is a pretty big tech company in our region, and we have around 500 people in Engineering. I came from the startup world and worked in companies with total employees from 10 to 100, therefore for me joining a company with more than 3000 employees was already a challenge.

I’ve learned a lot and started thinking about things on a bigger scale than before. Solving issues and changing directions is totally different with this scope than in a startup with 10 people. Kiwi.com is still a startup by nature, but not by the total number of employees. Luckily there are still a lot of processes working in a really simple and straightforward way like in small companies.

How do you organize people and how does cooperation in the Bratislava office look like?

I would say we are operating quite easily. Slack is helping with that a lot, and we have plenty of bots for making things easier. For example, if you need access to some tool or service you just ask for access in a channel where bot recognises what you mean and covers the whole process based on the tool you need.

We are trying to eliminate bureaucracy and work as agile as possible. We closed our offices because of COVID-19 for a few months this year and we were able to work from home easily without any changes in processes. Of course, we in Bratislava missed our colleagues and chit-chats, but we tried to do regular things via Zoom like coffee breaks, game nights etc. It was different than in real life but it worked somehow also because of friendships built between colleagues.

How would you describe the culture of your site?

I think the culture or atmosphere in our office is comparable to other Kiwi.com subsidiaries and also headquarters – friendly, open, helpful and hard-working colleagues. Compared to headquarters, the main difference is the size of the office and the number of people there.

We are trying to create environments where people would like to work. Personally, I love home offices but I enjoy going to the office and working there as well. There are a lot of things that are happening in the company and it is nice to talk about them with colleagues from different engineering departments and get hands-on experiences from them.


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