Our previous Associate Product Managers already run their own Kiwi.com product domains, so we need a couple of new ones!

We´re looking for Associate Product Managers to become co-pilots on the Manage My Booking and Customer Support Systems domains. So, if you would like to make our customers´ post-booking experience better and be on a Product Management career trajectory, this is where it starts.

Within this role you´ll never get bored, you are going to be:

  • a detective, finding and resolving sources of problems our customers are contacting us with
  • a creator, defining and driving new functionality for customers worldwide
  • an inventor, constantly looking at new processes to help our department run smoother as Kiwi.com changes
  • a translator, translating customer-needs into something we can build or improve
  • a moderator, talking to departments across kiwi.com, partners and tech guys to find a common point
  • a chef, slicing and dicing complex requests into features that can be delivered one-by-one
  • a timekeeper, making sure we keep our promises of delivery
  • an open ear, whenever there is a problem or issue within the domain, you’re there to listen, advise and drive towards resolution
  • a product manager in construction, learning and applying practices which will put you in the best place to run a product on your own in the future

There are a couple of things you´ll need for this job:

  • understand Silicon Valley episodes without subtitles – you´ll use English every day
  • know your way around in IT (2 years or more of experience), the travel industry experience is a big plus
  • understanding that “MVP” is not just LeBron, “Epic” is not just a word to describe your last weekend and “Story” does not refer to Cinderella – be familiar with product management terminology
  • having a basic knowledge of how you´d transform an idea into working software iteratively
  • understanding of what Kiwi.com does and why it´s so awesome

Here´s what you get in return:

  • super-interesting work alongside Product Managers who shape the coolest products in travel
  • all the benefits people usually brag about on Linked-In
  • you won´t work hard, you´ll need to work smart
  • you´ll work according to things that need to be done, not hours
  • a ripped body – given you use our company gym and sauna regularly and only eat the bananas we get
  • nice toys to play with – fruit or robot, you pick
  • ticket to the legendary Kiwi.com parties

Enough reading. Apply Now!


Zuzana Posoldová

Your manager to be

Michal Vidoman

Brno, Czech Republic | Full-Time
Brno, Czech Republic | Full-Time
Brno, Czech Republic | Prague, Czech Republic | Full-Time | Student friendly |
Prague, Czech Republic | Full-Time
Prague, Czech Republic | Full-Time