Head/Director of Company Automation mission is to maximize the effectivity of Kiwi.com employees and company processes by onboarding, customizing and developing automation solutions.

Key Responsibilities

  • Define and implement “automation strategy” that will enable unlimited scalability of Kiwi.com company. Onboard 3rd party tools, automation bots, develop automation scripts or custom applications with the ultimate goal – make Kiwis more productive and happier!
  • Understand well automation and improvements opportunities by regularly meeting leadership teams, function owners or having individual discussions with Kiwis.
  • Define the team charter, recruit top talent and manage the team with a focus on performance and delivery.
  • Define productivity tools stack for all areas within the company. Regularly evaluate new products, industry trends, and concepts. Continuously have hands-on experience with HR, Finance, Legal, Developers, Customer Services or other teams tooling.
  • Manage inventory of all tooling, SW licenses, guarantee proper setup aligned with legal and security requirements. Manage tooling costs and negotiate the best rates.
  • Perform regular 1:1s, support team members with personal growth and development, regularly review individuals performance against goals and celebrate their success!
  • Work closely with Business Intelligence teams to measure everything to identify opportunities for improvement. Establish a digital twin. Instrument every tool and provide regular reports, set up alarms for business metrics.
  • Guarantee tools and solutions availability.
  • Great business understanding is a must – ultimately you are responsible for the working process, not just tool implementation.

Technical/Professional qualification

  • 7+ years of experience in software development management with a focus on productivity software.
  • Up to date with the latest trends such as distributed teams, digital twins, automation bots.
  • Data drove individual – ability to build dashboards, stats to identify improvement opportunities.
  • Passion for productivity tools and automation. Great understanding both as a user and developer of multiple tools like GSuite, Slack, Jira, Gitlab, Workday, SuccessFactors, Netsuite, and others.
  • 3+ years of active software development in Python, Javascript or other languages suitable for automation.

Personal/Leadership skills

  • People management and team leadership skills – ability to set the context and expectations for the team and deliver efficiently.
  • Great communicator – ability to write articulate memos to socialize and get feedback on new ideas and to gain broader alignment on key technical decisions. Ability to represent your team and work publicly. Ability to attract and inspire people.
  • Lead by example by demonstrating company values and set the right context for the team and individual behavior. Work independently and come up with ideas and plans to improve their team as well as the company.
  • Sets strategic direction and monitors multiple, ongoing initiatives, where some initiatives are routinely unstructured, requiring autonomy and independent judgment.
  • Great understanding of the business context and ability to translate business priorities into the teams’ objectives.

Why does it rock to work at Kiwi.com?

We believe we’re a fun bunch to work with, and you’ll get to see how IT Security is done in a fresh and global company, talk with people from around the world, and never get bored. You’ll work in one of the most promising tech companies (awarded Forbes Startup of 2017, Super-brand Award 2017, Deloitte Technology Fast 50 – the fastest growing technology company in Central Europe).

  • Do, fail, learn – repeat! We understand that mistakes happen and we learn fast.
  • We decide which cutting-edge technologies are appropriate for the task.
  • We visit and speak at conferences and technological events worldwide.
  • We support the local technological community.
  • We use our work time wisely with a friendly vacation policy and work schedule.
  • We also like to party and hang out together.
  • We work, play, relax, workout and even nap in our offices (complete with sauna, gym, masseur, sleeping spots, canteen, chillout zones, free refreshments, etc).
  • Dogs, kids, and parties are welcome in our offices.
  • We also enjoy common benefits, such as meal vouchers, flexible benefits scheme, sick days, VIP Medical Care, flight vouchers, multisport card, etc.
  • Besides a fair salary, we can also look forward to quarterly bonuses dependent on our performance.
  • We’re a great team of young, passionate and fun-loving people from across the globe who you’ll love working with. We look forward to you joining our team-buildings and parties!


Miloš Marcinek

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David Pavlík

Brno, Czech Republic | Full-Time
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Brno, Czech Republic | Full-Time
Brno, Czech Republic | Full-Time
Bratislava, Slovakia | Full-Time