is passionate about providing superior quality service to all our customers. Ultimate goal of our team is to build the best post booking states and call to actions notification system in the travel industry. We are building a system that sends localized messages via  preferred communication channel(s) (with the support of the most common platforms like Email, SMS messages, FB Messenger, Viber, WhatsApp and more), deliver them on time, shielded with monitoring for both costs and delivery related metrics, with optimization process in place. Our team consists of 7 dedicated members and falls under the Booking and Self Service tribe. We are currently developing and maintaining 7 systems with microservices architecture and focusing on their optimization and boosting CX of our customers. If you book a trip with, all messages regarding the itinerary, visa requirements, additional services, seating allocation, check-in related information, baggage allowances and more will be sent through our systems. We follow the company vision Making Travel Better for our customers.

Job Description

Development of new BE (and sometimes also FE) product features on our current internal systems

  • Systems for emails and SMS messages sending (balancing traffic over multiple ESP’s)
  • PDF content manipulation service
  • Partners configuration and webhook notifications sender
  • System for internal apps configuration
Long term content storage for customers messages
  • Service for email addresses validation and correction

Except that you can:

  • Use serverless technologies for parts of systems where scaling is needed.

  • A/B test results evaluations and implementation of improvements based on gathered info.

  • Track of systems performance and maintenance of alerting thresholds.

  • Help with upgrading to newer framework/libraries versions (newest PHP, Nette 3.0, up to date PostgreSQL, etc.), introducing event sourcing mechanism to subsystems where tracking of changes is needed.

You are in no way compelled by management to use only certain tools. The tools are not predefined, you will pick what suits you best. Creativity is certainly an important aspect of this job. We want you to bring new and fresh ideas to our team!

You will work with cutting-edge Tech Stack

  • Infrastructure: Rancher, GCP, AWS, Gitlab
  • Back-end: PHP 7.3.x, Apache/Nginx, Nette 2.4, Silex 2.0, REST API, GraphQL, ReactPHP.
Front-end: Bootstrap, Grunt, Gulp, React, Typescript.
  • Logging and tracking: DataDog,, Pingdom. 

  • Backlog: Jira, Gitlab, InVision (it depends on the size and focus of the project). 

We do care about code quality! Static Analysis and Coding Standard checks are part of CI on all our projects, same as pipeline for tests. Our Continuous Deployment process allows us to dynamically build project environments and release on production by single click. Scaling of our systems is ensured by GCP Auto Scaling Groups or Rancher manual scaling mechanism. We like AGILE but we don’t like to be limited by specific methodology, so we use the best parts from many of those. Is there any cool technology not listed in our Tech Stack? Join us and help us to get it on the list.

Before we shake hands!

  • You must have at least 5 years of experience with PHP web applications development.

  • Knowledge of MySQL, PostgreSQL, Elastic Search, GIT.
Experience with testing techniques.

  • Experiences with Cloud-based systems and Serverless architecture awareness.

  • Knowledge of GIT, HTTP protocol, Docker.
Knowledge of HTML5, Javascript (React or TypeScript is an advantage). 


Miloš Marcinek

Your manager to be

Pavel Řezníček

Brno, Czech Republic | Full-Time
Bratislava, Slovakia | Full-Time
Brno, Czech Republic | Full-Time
Brno, Czech Republic | Full-Time
Brno, Czech Republic | Full-Time