starts to become a Virtual Global Supercarrier, and the mission of our tribe is to provide our customers comfort during flights. We automate all extra services that are not included in a flight ticket. We do our best to fulfil customer needs and provide information about availability and automate ordering flight ancillaries. Our customers rely on us that their baggage is bought, a window seat is selected, and spaghetti in the air is ordered. 

What are we looking for?

Team player. You have previously worked on a large project in a team. You will help the team to fulfil the company vision. You will be part of the whole process from designing to delivering a new feature or fix, which affects thousands of customers.

Python developer. You have advanced experience with Python. You test your code, and you know that well-written code with tests helps with all maintenance and allows an easy extension. One of your best friends is Git and the command line is no stranger to you. You know what a cloud, microservice and Docker are. 

Experimentator and learner. You are not afraid to try new things or better you have a passion for new technology and you need to try them all. Engineering is an ever-evolving world. You will help us to keep all our code and dependencies up-to-date. Yep, we also try to update Python to the latest version. If you know more than one programming language and/or you’ve created some serverless project it is one big plus for you.

Builder. You have successfully built applications from scratch to deploy. You know where design patterns are applicable. You know how to build microservices and all of their disadvantages.

What and how are we doing it?

We develop microservices in Kubernetes to provide information about the availability and price of specific ancillaries, accept customer orders, inform about their status and process them. One of our services is responsible to check if priority boarding is still available. For another service, we have a set of rules saved in the PostgreSQL database and cached in Redis to provide online check-in availability. With the help of Celery, we are able to schedule all necessary requests.

We are not afraid to use new and modern technology to be flexible to change. For new projects, we start to use FastAPI or aiohttp instead of Flask. We also have a passion for using the latest package and Python version. We follow our company standards – our code quality is maintained by pre-commit powered by mypy, pylint, isort, and Black. 

We are in close contact with our product managers and QAs to build better products and features for our customers. We follow agile workflows and methodologies (Kanban or Scrum based on a specific team). All our works are visible through Jira to the whole company. We work with the best infrastructure engineers, front-end developers or platform engineers. We monitor, debug and automate systems with a lot of moving parts. We also evaluate new technologies, and we can move it from a research phase into an existing system. 

If you are not fully familiar with these tools, technologies or processes, don’t worry, we will teach you everything 😉

Why it rocks to be at

  • We deploy immediately after a job is completed, not after months of QA.
  • Do, fail, learn – repeat! We understand that mistakes happen and we learn fast.
  • We decide which cutting-edge technologies are appropriate for the task.
  • We love contributing and using Open Source.
  • We visit and speak at conferences and technological events worldwide.
  • We code at hackathons and other competitions.
  • We support the local technological community.
  • We use our work time wisely with a friendly vacation policy and work schedule.
  • We also like to party and hang out together.
  • We work, play, relax (include free refreshments and game room).
  • We also enjoy common benefits, such as meal vouchers, flexible benefits scheme, sick days, VIP Medical Care, flight vouchers, multisport card, Cafeteria, etc..
  • Besides a fair salary, we can also look forward to quarterly bonuses dependent on overall company performance.
  • For candidates from abroad, we are ready to help with relocation.
  • Offices are located in Praha – Karlín

Interested? Join us and hack the traditional ways of travel!


Alicia Álvarez López

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Jakub Wolf

Brno, Czech Republic | Prague, Czech Republic | Full-Time
Bratislava, Slovakia | Full-Time
Brno, Czech Republic | Prague, Czech Republic | Full-Time
Brno, Czech Republic | Full-Time
Brno, Czech Republic | Prague, Czech Republic | Full-Time