Frequently asked questions

  • How long does the interview process take?

    For entry-level roles, we can usually get it to below 25 days, while for some strategic positions the interview process will naturally take longer. However, speed and efficiency is something we’re always striving for.

  • Do you accept applications from non-EU citizens?

    We accept applications from any country around the globe. However, for some positions, we’re limited by the timeframe in which we need to fill in the role. Since the administration process tied to getting a work permit usually takes a few months, we have to take this factor into consideration.

  • Can I work remotely?

    We support flexibility and offer partial up to full-time "Work from home" in countries where we have legal entities (UK, CZ, SK, SP, US). However, for some roles, you may need to be in our offices including in Customer Support. Our goal is to let people work from anywhere in the world so we hope to offer more freedom on that side soon, stay tuned.

  • Do you have flexible working hours?

    Yes, we do, although there are a few roles in our company that require shift work, usually our Customer Service team who are here for our customers 24/7.

  • What benefits do you have?

    Benefits vary depending on position and location. You’ll always find a list of benefits at the end of every job ad.