Backend Developer in Go(lang)

We’re looking for a developer who’s passionate about programming. We want you to be open to learning new things and be interested in what you do every day.

Our team’s primary focus is high load APIs and workers processing extensive amounts of data. We need to manage all resources responsibly in order to maintain sustainable server side costs.

As all our services communicate in real time, it is crucial to ensure there is no downtime. Ever. And testing is a key factor in that.

We are the pioneers in Go in as we were the first department to adapt Go as their main language. This means we’re also the ones giving helping hand to other colleagues starting with Go not only by doing code reviews but also by hosting internal workshops or implementing backbone packages that set the course of Go development in

Our key value as a team is smart and sustainable development. This includes writing clean commit messages, thorough code reviews and helping each other out by doing pair-programming. Some of us even go beyond and share our knowledge with the OpenSource community.

    What do we expect?

  • Passion for programming
  • 1+ years of production experience with statically typed language (C/C++/Rust/Go), preferable hands-on experience with Go.
  • Intermediate level of English
  • Why it rocks to work for us?

  • We deploy immediately after a job is completed, not after months of QA.
  • Do, fail, learn – repeat! We understand that mistakes happen and we learn fast.
  • We decide which cutting-edge technologies are appropriate for the task.
  • We code at hackathons and other competitions.
  • We support the local technological community.
  • We use our work time wisely with a friendly vacation policy and work schedule.
  • We work, play, relax, workout and even nap in our offices.
  • We’re a great team of passionate and fun-loving people from across the globe who you’ll love working with.
  • We look forward to you joining our team-buildings and parties! We are trying our best in these days to keep together also, online-team buildings were a success!
  • Salary starting from 2,000 EUR p.m.

Recruiter Kiwi.comHR RecruiterMartin Ryvola

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Employment typeFull-time

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