Employer Branding Coordinator

In this role, you will coordinate and organize activities of the Engineering department in order to increase its Employer Brand in front of hiring relevant audiences.
You will also help our engineering-related topics shine to bring value to relevant public audiences online. You will be responsible for our code.kiwi.com media channels focused on communicating bottom-up public initiatives of the Engineering department. You will ensure our digital presence, showcasing people, product, and technology, but also the culture and values of the Engineering department in an authentic yet engaging way.
This role is a great opportunity for someone who is a natural networker, loves connecting people and helping them shine, and is also interested in marketing, technologies and event management.

    What will you do?

  • Establish and maintain good relationships with Slovak tech communities and influencers outside of Kiwi.com.
  • Attend local thought-leadership events and present Kiwi.com to boost brand awareness among hiring relevant audiences.
  • Lead events organization, coordinate conferences attendance and partnership and propose new events based on the hiring needs.
  • Coordinate, edit, and publish on multiple channels blog posts prepared by you and other teams.
  • Manage the social media channels of code.kiwi.com (such as blog, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, newsletter).
  • Find Engineering relevant topics, coordinate with external and internal collaborators, create content and own the content calendar for each channel.
  • Promote a broad range of activities for hiring and educational purposes with the aim to increase our employer brand engagement in engineering communities.
  • Coordinate the content generation for newsletters including their regular distribution to communities and cooperate with teams in charge of analytics to measure and increase the conversion rate of readers to turn into referees or applicants.
  • Ensure promotion via social media platforms such as Reddit, Hacker News, Slack groups, etc.Close cooperation with PR and Marketing departments of Kiwi.com to ensure the unified tone and voice and collaboration on larger projects.
  • What do we expect?

  • Experience and passion for people networking and thought-leadership communication.
  • Interest in technical areas.
  • Copywriting and editing skills.
  • Experience with social media management, ads, and Business Manager.
  • An excellent communicator and proficient in English (primarily written)An independent, self-driven, and motivated person.
  • A very open and creative person with a “can-do” attitude.
  • Being ready to sometimes work out of working hours where needed due to the nature of our global audiences.

Recruiter Kiwi.comHR RecruiterAlžběta Trčková

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jan-blehaEmployer Branding ManagerJan Bleha

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Employment typeFull-time

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