Engineering Lead

As an Engineering Manager at, you are effectively taking responsibility for numerous engineering teams. Our platform might seem straightforward from the customer’s perspective, yet the backend is much more complex.

Your focus on this role is to deliver on business-critical features, make sure that the teams are delivering and doing so in an environment, where they are happy and challenged at the same time. You should also have the technical knowledge to command respect from your peers and provide a helping hand when needed. 

    Key expectations and responsibilities:

  • You are responsible that your reports deliver high-quality work. You maintain the quality of code, minimize outages and errors, and assert that team-wide and company-wide guidelines are followed. 
  • You are responsible for a technical vision within the processing tooling domain, including event-driven architecture and deployment of the BPM engine.
  • You maintain a strong relationship with your reports, assuming responsibility for their personal development in technical and soft skills. 
  • You are responsible for the general well-being of all team members. You action their concerns to the best of your ability, escalating when required.
  • You determine the hiring requirements and promotion plans of your team. You participate in the hiring process.
  • You serve as a representative for your team when communicating with product managers, other teams, and other stakeholders. You connect your team members to product managers and their features and assure the quality of their cooperation.
  • You help your team prioritize the incoming requests, distributing work amongst team members, and assuring that their tasks are well defined and productive.
  • You help your team members make technical decisions and involve technical experts when these decisions involve higher scopes. You share your technical expertise regularly.
  • You are involved in tribe-wide decisions and help to create and implement policies, guidelines, and rules in your team.
  • You have experience with Agile methodologies and are promoting Agile inside your team.
  • Which key advantages will you get with joining

  • You will be surrounded by clever, helpful, and genuinely nice people. There is a reason why our requirements might seem strict, we really care about the people who are joining us.
  • We have a start-up, transparent culture even though we are not really a start-up anymore.
  • Technology is at the heart of our organization.
  • We are effective, we appreciate people’s time, and wasting it is not an option
  • Phantom stock options.

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