Partner Success Lead

The mission of this role is to maximize the success of B2B partnerships. Specifically, to coordinate all internal activities aiming to deliver solutions and enable new features for B2B partners based on the existing product offering. Also, to provide technical and functional support to all users of our B2B products and services.

    Key Responsibilities:

  • Help with preparation of solutions solving partners’ business needs, engaging them in the usage of portfolio of products and services.
  • Orchestrate partner integrations.
  • Document/guide not only the narrow projects you are working on but also larger initiatives, and make sure the right people have the right context.
  • Regularly check partner’s metrics and identify how we can maximize our partner businesses’ engagement spend while providing an outstanding experience on our B2B platform.
  • Solve any partner’s requests and issues that appeared in partner’s service desk, according to SLA and with the stellar quality of service.
  • Have an understanding of all major‘s products. Discuss their pros & cons, and the know-how your team and yourself can contribute to achieving them.
  • Act when you spot the problem or inefficiency, either by escalating to your managers or senior colleague. Ask how we can make it better and put your hands on if you can improve it personally.
  • Qualifications:

  • Altogether 2+ years of work experience in the areas of technical solutions implementation, cross-department & project coordination, customer partnerships management, and team management.
  • Great communication skills, both verbal and written. The Partner Success Lead role is ideally someone who can interact with ease with a CXO level on the partner side and with product engineering or DevOps internally.
  • Understand fully the architecture and tech components behind their product.
  • Expert in manipulating of APIs and implementing them, with the possibility of suggesting improvements.
  • Define predictable delivery for your initiatives.
  • Personal qualities:

  • Lead yourself, your task and time management. Follow our values and demonstrating them by behavior in day-to-day life.
  • Actively listen to others and ensure they are understood.
  • Set the right tone in discussions to achieve goals in a respectful way.
  • When requested, helps teammates overcome obstacles, resolve blockers, and complete work tasks. Develop a sense of where you fit into the team’s progress and where you can provide assistance. Give or share credit where due, actively demonstrate a positive attitude, and don’t be afraid to learn from mistakes.
  • Behave consistently with the company values and you are able to explain them.

Recruiter Kiwi.comHR RecruiterMartin Ryvola

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LocationBrno, Czech Republic


Employment typeFull-time

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