Staff Frontend Engineer for Booking

We’re looking for an experienced engineer to help us deliver our vision of fast server-driven clients, offering a personalized shopping experience for customers, and along the way push us to become better software engineers.

We offer highly technically challenging projects, an inspiring environment with your future colleagues motivated to do proper engineering, a competitive salary with Phantom Stock scheme, and wise guidance (😉)  from yours truly, your future manager (see more below).

    Who we are

  • is a travel company with a few unique techs tricks up its sleeve. We can find flight connections nobody else can and sell them for prices that are hard to match even by our toughest competitors.
  • This position is open for the Booking Tribe which owns the backend and client (both Web and Mobile) part of our booking flow, allowing our customers to purchase the itineraries they found in search.
  • The engineering challenge lies in the inherent business complexity: Our client apps work with incomplete and often stale data, complicated business flows, and all of that consistently across three client platforms (Web, Android, iOS), ensuring our customers have the best experience possible.
  • What technologies we use

  • React, Next.js, styled-components, Redux
  • Jest, Testing library, Cypress
  • Babel, ESlint, Webpack, TypeScript
  • Docker, Kubernetes, GCP
  • GitLab CI
  • Sentry, Datadog
  • What will you do

  • Help us improve Booking, make it fast & (better) tested with the right technologies.
  • Help us deliver our vision of server-driven thin clients offering a dynamic & personalized shopping experience.
  • Upskill the Web Frontend teams (advanced patterns, advanced usage of technologies we have, code clarity, testing testing testing…).
  • Participate in company wide Web Frontend initiatives to make all of better.
  • In terms of your responsibilities and day-to-day work, we’d ideally hope for you to:
  • Focus heavily on technical mentoring and code reviews
  • Dive into the code base, come back with suggestions on how to make it better, transform it into a technical vision, and a strategy for how to get there
  • Drive the delivery, do the hands-on work to whatever extent it makes sense
  • Keep in sync with our product and the Web FE Platform team to respect the broader context
  • We don’t expect you to be part of a particular narrow product feature or domain, i.e., joining sprints and working on tasks prioritized by the PM. You’ll be managing your own backlog and your goal will be to make the feature teams’ lives easier.
  • Who you are

  • You enjoy mentoring and teaching. You understand code reviews as a way to pass over knowledge.
  • You have a good overview of the current state of the JS industry.
  • You test and you know how to test. Automated tests are part of the delivery for you, not a nice-to-have.
  • You can write a technical specification or a design document and you see value in it.
  • You’re not a lone wolf. You understand that decisions affecting others need to be discussed first.
  • You can be pragmatic about technologies. You consider them as a means to an end, to serve our customers and make us profitable. You are okay with not using the latest and greatest JS goodies there are (yes, we sometimes use Redux and that’s okay).
  • You’re okay with temporarily compromising on technical quality even if we aim to keep the tech debt level low in the long run.
  • You speak English.
  • Why it will be worth it

  • You won’t be cutting corners, at least not often. We’re not a feature factory. Quality matters to us and this is where engineers and product managers are aligned.
  • You’ll be listened to. We’re hungry for good ideas from smart people.
  • You’ll feel challenged. Our vision for Booking will require a significant transformation of our existing implementation. That will present a lot of opportunities for smart ideas.
  • You’ll feel supported. We’re friendly and we help each other out. We’re no agency. This is actual feedback from our new-hires.
  • You’ll feel inspired. We’re a tech company and tech is what makes us unique. We’re doing pretty cool stuff around here and there are a lot of people to learn from. Check out our blog.
  • You’ll grow. Once you’re done with your mission, there will be plenty of other opportunities to grab. You could stay around and get involved with backend or mobile development. You could move to the Web FE Platform team to help set the FE technical direction for all of Or you could just join whatever team willing to have you.
  • Meet your future manager, Tobiáš Potoček

  • Tobiáš believes in servant leadership. He tries to give his teams the space they need to do their job and help them become better along the way.
  • He wants us to think before we code and once we code, we code well, and only what matters. He focuses heavily on communication and cross-team collaboration, to make sure that our solutions optimize for the problems, not the teams.
  • He also tries to pass over the engineering experience he gained during his tenure at Google.
  • Check out more at: LinkedIn, Personal site, Public interview for
  • Interview process

  • 1-2 code review tasks
  • System design task
  • Soft skill interview
  • Besides that, we’ll chat about your own expectations and how you fit into the team.
  • Location

  • We believe in the “office available” mode. You can work from home almost as much as you want but you should live within a commutable distance from one of our offices so that you can be present when needed.
  • The Booking Tribe is scattered across Prague, Brno, and Bratislava.
  • We offer you

  • The opportunity to join our Phantom Stock scheme.
  • We also enjoy benefits, such as meal vouchers, 25 days vacation, sick days, Multisport card, Employee Assistance Program.
  • Flight vouchers to celebrate your kiwi anniversaries.
  • We give our employees a freedom to choose between the environment of work from home and our modern office located in Zuckermandel where you can enjoy sleeping spots, chillout zones, free refreshments, parking for car/bicycle/motorbike.
  • Hardware from Apple or Microsoft based on your preferences.
  • Relocation package (including visa transfer support).
  • We offer unlimited contracts within a forward-thinking and ambitious company.
  • Dogs, kids, and parties are welcome in our offices. 
  • Salary starts from 4350 brutto
Interested? Join us and hack the traditional ways of travel! is proud to be an equal opportunity workplace and employer. We review applications for employment without regard to their race, colour, religion, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, national origin, ancestry, citizenship, age, uniformed services, genetic information, physical or mental disability, medical condition, marital status, or any other basis prohibited by law.
Throughout the recruitment process and for some time after it’s finished, we’re going to process your Personal Data. You can find all the necessary information in our Privacy Policy available at:

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