has donated 820,000Kč to the Children’s Medical Center at the University Hospital in Brno. The money will be used for the treatment of paediatric cancer patients


Up to 350 children are diagnosed with cancer in the Czech Republic each year. The Department of Paediatric Oncology in Brno’s University Hospital is responsible for the treatment of 45 per cent of these cases. NFDO Krtek, or the Endowment Fund of Paediatric Oncology Krtek, has become an indispensable part of the oncology department.

At the end of last year, donated 820,000Kč to the fund to support their work.

The survival rate of paediatric cancer patients nowadays is over 80 per cent. But back in the 1980s, this was about 15–20 per cent. Although the numbers of paediatric cancer survivors are increasing, the personalised treatment available to them depends heavily on external donations. That’s where comes in.

“I’m extremely happy that our Care Crew team chose to support Krtek. There are many charities, NGOs, and other organisations supporting people in need. But it’s important for us to align with the vision of our chosen partner,” said Renata Prokešová,’s Facilities Director and Head of the Care Crew,’s Corporate Social Responsibility programme.

Krtek increases the chances of a child successfully surviving cancer

Krtek does special work.  It raises money for personalised treatment and families are given care and support. Personalised cancer care is directed at children where standard chemotherapy and / or radiation therapy was not available or successful. By doing so, they increase the chances of a child successfully surviving cancer.

There are three pillars that Krtek focuses on. These are research and training, improving the quality of life of patients and their families, and providing palliative care when necessary. Through these, they bring world-class specialisation to the whole of the Czech Republic.

Krtek does special work.  It raises money for personalised treatment and families are given care and support.

Even though paediatric patients with cancer might respond to standard adult treatment methods, these usually result in unwanted side effects. Unfortunately, the progress in treatment has slowed in recent years. What’s more, targeted cancer treatments are costly and not covered by public health insurance.

It is only thanks to the financial support of generous donors that professor Štěrba with his team can perform personalised diagnostics and instantly provide targeted and less toxic treatment to their patients.

“We are grateful to for their generous gift of 820,000Kč to support precision oncology — personalised cancer treatment — for young cancer patients at the Paediatric Oncology Department in University Hospital Brno,” said Dr Renata Skácelová, Director of Fundraising and Partnerships at Krtek.

NFDO Krtek was established to support the work of physicians and clinicians at the Department of Paediatric Oncology Clinic of the Faculty Hospital Brno. Since its establishment in 1999, Krtek has supported 2,787 children. 150 children and their families receive annual aid.