As travelling and connecting cultures is in our nature, we’re ready to help our new hires to relocate.

Depending on the position, we may be able to help you arrange your tickets.

Finding a new place can be a challenge. Feel free to stay with us for your first few weeks.

Our Relocation Assistant will help you coordinate your move.

Brno Expat Centre

Brno Expat Center will provide you with free assistance on any topic connected to your stay in the city.

Brno, Czech Republic

Teams: Customer Support, Devs & Tech, Business Development, Human Resources, Finance, Marketing was born in Brno, Czech Republic. Even though we have some smaller offices and a few business development nomads travelling around the world, 90 % of our employees are located here. Brno is the second largest city in the Czech Republic. It’s a vibrant student city with a cozy, familiar feeling.

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Prague, Czech Republic

Teams: Devs & Tech


The city that doesn’t need much of an introduction. Prague has a unique and historical heart, modern and vibrant business areas, unexpected gardens and some of the best breweries in Europe. All of these are accompanied by the endless business and leisure opportunities of the Czech capital.

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Barcelona, Spain

Teams: Devs & Tech

Architectural miracles, friendly and sociable people, sun throughout the year, unforgettable cultural opportunities and an emerging tech and startup scene. Barcelona is worth living in.

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Teams: Devs & Tech, Customer Support

Our partners are those important entities we couldn’t work without. They support our global business with their skills, insights and the fact they’re awake when we’re sleep. Even though they’re not direct employees, they definitely belong to the family.

  • Suva – Customer Support
  • Manila – Customer Support
  • Bratislava – Devs & Tech
  • Belgrad – Devs & Tech
  • Split – Devs & Tech
  • Dalian – Customer Support
  • Durban – Customer Support
  • Kiev – Customer Support