Still studying, huh? Ah yeah, we remember those days too. In fact, when we started our business, half the company was still at university. So here are a few tips and treats for all you students out there.


Looking for that first professional experience? You’ll join us for a few weeks or months to learn the basics and see what it’s like in a fast-moving and dynamic organisation. Don’t expect to be some kind of observer or barista though, we’ve got some real tasks for you! jobs - students - students

We currently don't seek interns however we can let you know when such a vacancy opens. Send us a General Application or set up a Job Alert.

Student friendly jobs

This is either a full time or part time role. A serious job for grown ups. However, we’ll actively support you with finishing your studies. We will take into consideration your lessons, seminars and of course that bloody thesis! It can be hard, but definitely worth it in the long run.


Brno, Czech Republic | Prague, Czech Republic | Full-Time | Student friendly
Belgrade, Serbia | Full-Time | Student friendly
Brno, Czech Republic | Full-Time | Student friendly


Brno, Czech Republic | Part-Time | Student friendly

We currently don't list any student friendly jobs however we can let you know when such a vacancy opens. Send us a General Application or set up a Job Alert. - students - students


Since there are a lot of cool conferences around the world and we consider travelling to be an essential part of personal development, we’re supporting you in attending various events around the globe by covering your travel, accommodation & ticket costs. Jobs

Stay tuned, more information coming soon! - students


All year round, we’re organizing loads of educational events (mainly focused around tech). Check our events

Oliver Dlouhy

Guest speakers

We’ve got some pretty smart and creative people under our roof. You might want to meet them, bring them to your lecture or perhaps a seminar. Drop us a note and we might show up!

Bloody thesis

By default, we don’t have any topics that we’re offering for you to cover in your thesis, however, if you have a brilliant idea, contact us at [email protected] and we can have a chat about it.