We team up to grow together

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Kiwi.com is full of competent, smart people eager to go the extra mile to provide the best customer experience. But none of us would be able to do it alone. We’re well aware that to get somewhere, we need to work together. And that’s exactly what we do. We build diverse, agile teams where everyone plays their part, and communication isn’t just a buzzword. We give feedback and support, and we learn from each other in a fair, positive atmosphere. Whether you’re crafting a new product, assisting our customers, or contributing in any other way, your role matters.


Stano Komanec, VP of Engineering

Technology is unlocking a lot of features that could make our customers’ travel experience better

I believe our main mission and vision is to support our product, our business, and Kiwi.com’s plan to become a virtual global supercarrier. And we need to be sure that technology helps us get there faster.

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