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Revenue Management Analyst

As a Revenue Management Analyst, You will help our managers to understand analytical insights of the dynamic and challenging world of travel and support their business decisions by data. Your daily bread will be building reports, dashboards, analyses, business cases, and analytical models.



Employment typeFull-time

Business Insights Team Lead

The Revenue Management Team's focus is on delivering trading insights to support the company's profitability and key processes of budgeting, forecasting, pricing, and market insights. As a Business Insight's Team Lead, You will be there to bridge the gap between Finance and Trading so our managers understand analytical insights into the dynamic and challenging world of travel. Your daily bread will be to extract, conceptualize, and visualize data to support our management's decisions.



Employment typeFull-time

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We have a vision

Things go nowhere without a goal. That's why needs a long-term vision, and it's the Strategy team's job to create this. We use customer, financial, and business analysis. We think big, and make sure everyone's pulling in the same direction.

  • Set challenges

    There are a lot of ways to disrupt the travel industry, and we’re not afraid to do it.

  • Embrace change

    Some things work, some things don’t, but as long as we learn and improve, we’ve gained something.

  • Push the product

    We want to be a world leader, and that drives our thinking.

  • Make a difference

    Be instrumental in taking the company in exciting directions, and you’ll fit right in.


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